FLY Ash Bricks Machines

What is Fly Ash Bricks Machines?

Flyash bricks Machines are used for Making Flyash bricks or Cement Bricks. These are avialable in Various Capacities and Sizes. These Machines comes in Manual, Semi- Automatic, and Fully-Automatic Types.


  • We can provide manual and automatic both machine
  • Quantity wise structure design will be provided
  • The cost will be flexible according to machine specification
  • The hydraulic system is flexible according to the type of machine
  • Both brick and Pavement blocks can be done
  • Robust structure of the machine is durable
  • Speed of brick production is high
  • We can provide Machines with different brick sizes according to
    Customer specification
  • Quick return of your investment

Types of Machines:

  1. Nano Fly Ash Brick Machine.
  2. Rotary Fly Ash Brick Machine
  3. Vertical Fly Ash Brick Machine
Our Machine:
Nano Fly ash Brick Machine In Pune
Nano Fly ash Brick Machine
Rotrory Fly Ash Bricks Machine In pune
Rotary Fly ash Brick Machine
Vertical Fly Ash Brick Making Machines in Pune
Vertical Fly ash Brick Machine
Brick Handling Trolley In Pune
Handling Trolley
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